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About Carter QS Consultancy Ltd

We offer a dispute resolution service to the UK Construction and Engineering Industry for contractual agreements/deeds made orally or executed under the New Engineering Contract (NEC3) and (NEC4) suite and Joint Contracts Tribunal (JCT) suite.

The forms of Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) that we offer to Self-employed multi- trade persons, Sub-contractors and Main contractors are Adjudication, Mediation, Expert Determination and Arbitration as an alternative to going to court / litigation.

We Offer The following services :

  • 1. Acting as Adjudicator, nominated by the parties or a nominating body
  • 2. Acting as Expert in Expert Determination
  • 3. Acting as Mediator in mediation proceedings
  • 4. Acting as Arbitrator, nominated by the parties or a nominating body
  • 5. Referrals or Responding / Rejoinders to claims concerning time and money i.e. adjudication, arbitration and litigation
  • 6. Drafting Bespoke / NEC / JCT contractual agreements and / or deeds
  • 7. Quantum calculus in litigation appraisal
  • 8. Acting as ‘named adjudicator’ for contracts (please contact us prior)

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