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We offer a dispute resolution service to the UK Construction and Engineering Industry for contractual agreements/deeds made orally or executed under the New Engineering Contract (NEC3) and (NEC4) suite and Joint Contracts Tribunal (JCT) suite


Acting as Adjudicator, nominated by the parties or a nominating body


Acting as Expert in Expert Determination


Acting as Mediator in mediation proceedings


Acting as Arbitrator, nominated by the parties or a nominating body



It is the involvement of an independent third party (the adjudicator).

In order of considering the claims of both sides and making an ‘adjudicator’s decision’ executed on paper.

Both sides i.e. referral and responding party send in written details of their argument, with copies of any letters, reports or other evidence. The adjudicator then makes a ‘decision’ based on this information, and on what is generally considered to be good practice in the business concerned. The adjudicator is usually an expert in the subject matter in dispute.

Expert Determination

In expert determination, an independent third party considers the claims made by each side and issues a binding decision. The third party is usually an expert in the subject of the dispute and is chosen by the parties, who agree at the outset to be bound by the expert’s decision. It can be most suitable for determining technical aspects of a complex dispute .


In mediation, an independent third party (the mediator) helps parties with a dispute to try to reach an agreement. The people with the dispute, not the mediator, decide whether they can resolve things, and what the outcome should be.


Arbitration is when an independent third party considers both sides in a dispute and makes a ‘decision’ that resolves the dispute. The arbitrator is impartial; this means he or she does not take sides. In most cases the arbitrator’s decision is legally binding on both sides, so it is not possible to go to court if you are unhappy with the decision.


Court decisions set the precedent by which a decision made by a judge in one case may be used as support in other cases. Mediation outcomes apply only to the case mediated, and that they are usually confidential.