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Impartiality Statement

Carter QS Consultancy Ltd:

  • i. Does not engage in any activities which could compromise its impartiality and are required to declare any potential conflicts of interest.
  • ii. Takes full regard of this information to ensure the objectivity of the services that it provides.
  • iii. Evaluates potential risks to its impartiality on an on-going basis using several mechanisms including audits, management review and consultation with appropriate interested parties. Where any such risks are identified, CQSC Ltd shall put appropriate measures in place to eliminate or minimise them. These measures are monitored for effectiveness.
  • iv. In the event that the service user has concerns regarding the impartiality or objectivity of our services, CQSC Ltd has non-discriminatory procedures in place for handling complaints.

CQSC Regulatory Professional and Ethical Conduct of: